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Rainbow Rescue North Carolina is 15 years old. Click here to see the Daily Herald article about the early days of Rainbow Rescue

News of Lane

Lane came to Rainbow Rescue with his sister Lizbeth. Both had scars on their back that may be acid burns. Lane was transported to First State Animal Center, Camden, DE and now has a new home. His adopter says: "Lane is now Boomer and a tad spoiled here." "He is super smart and so very loving. He's a Perfect fit." Thank you Kevin and First State Animal Center for helping Lane find a new home.

Rainbow Animal Rescue is operated by volunteers (they work without pay) but our vet does not. Please help us by clicking on our donation page here.

News of Pluto

Pluto came to Rainbow Rescue with severe mange and a hole in his chest. We worked on getting him well and then sent him to one of our rescue partners. Look at him now snoozing with his pal in his new home. Thank you Kevin and First State Animal Center, Camden, DE for taking him the rest of the way for us. This my friends is people and rescues working together to help the animals. This is where the donations and fundraising money goes: to the vet, for utilities and transport expenses. I thought it would be nice for our donors to see just what their money helps us achieve. Our staff are volunteers so work without pay but our vet does not. Please help by clicking on our donation page here.

A big THANK YOU to Brianna Radford for organising a supply drive for Rainbow Animal Rescue, and THANK YOU to everyone who donated to make this a success. We really appreciate the support of the community. Click on the photo's to see a larger version.

Thank you Harleigh Clay
Thank you so very much Harleigh Clay. We truly appreciate all the goodies for our furbabies!

Harleigh Clay Donation

Diane McKinney Clay says: "After organizing the food and counting the pounds I am excited to say we were able to collect 741.5 lbs of dry food, 18 lbs of dog treats, 20+ cans of wet food, 50 lbs of kitty litter and $210 cash for our local animal shelter, Rainbow Rescue in Halifax. Thank you to all of our family and friends, our community and local law enforcement for all of your donations. Also a huge thank you to Mike Morgan with Magic 979 WTRG for getting us on the radio! You each made this a huge success for Harleigh Clay’s Senior Project."

Herald Angel: Please donate for Rainbow Animal Rescue Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Thank you Chaloner Middle School
A big THANK YOU to Chaloner Middle School for their Christmas drive for our rescue animals.

Lots of holiday happiness for the dogs and cats at Rainbow Animal Rescue of North Carolina. Thank you to all my CMS friends for helping me play Elf!
Elle (That's me in the middle)

Chaloner Middle School

Thank you Mrs Lithgow's class for the donated food
Mrs Lithgow's class at Belmont Elementary School have done a fantastic job on their mission to collect dog food for Rainbow Rescue. Thank you so much to these incredible kids who took it upon themselves to hold a dog food drive.
Click here to see their video.

Mrs Lithgow's class donation

Paws for Thought is the quarterly newsletter of Save A Dog (click here to see their website).

So, you got a pet for Christmas John Dixon - The Daily Herald
Dec 25, 2016 - Edna Crouch, president of Rainbow Animal Rescue, said the shelter receives a high number of dogs in January and February from people who were not prepared for pet ownership. Crouch cited a frequent mistake new owners make is not being aware of potentially hazardous foods to dogs. “If you’re getting a new animal, you need to consider things like poisonous plants,” she said. “Some people may not realize, for example, that chocolate and grapes are poisonous to dogs.” Crouch also pointed out that in the city of Roanoke Rapids it is illegal to tether an unattended dog outside of a home. In addition to the legality, it can also be harmful to the animal’s disposition, making them aggressive or territorial. Jackie Stanley, a volunteer at the rescue, stressed awareness when considering adopting a pet. This includes being prepared for finding a living space that allows pets when relocating and being aware just how much money it takes to care for an animal.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Animal Angel Tree The Daily Herald
Dec 25, 2016 - For the third year in a row, Petsense on Julian Allsbrook is hosting an Animal Angel Tree for Rainbow Rescue in Halifax County.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Large number of animals face euthanasia Khai Hoang - The Daily Herald
Sep 8, 2016 - The rate of dog and cat euthanasias in Halifax County was 51.1 percent and 94.4 percent, respectively, in the 2015 calendar year — a result of animal overpopulation. County Environmental Health Director Jeff Dillard revealed the rates fluctuate from year to year. In 2014, the rates for dogs and cats were 36 and 74.8 percent, respectively. “So far this year, our euthanization rate for dogs is 45.9 percent, and for cats, it’s 93.8 percent,” Dillard said.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Good way to spend $20 Tia Bedwell - The Daily Herald
Jun 10, 2016 - I love animals — always have, always will. It makes me happy The Daily Herald runs a beautiful dog or cat up for adoption in our Sunday edition, and I appreciate Roanoke Animal Hospital supports that feature in our paper. Rainbow Animal Rescue takes care of those animals up for adoption, and it’s not cheap. There’s the typical food and a place for them to stay, but throw in the vet bills and things begin to add up. All adoptable animals have a trip to the vet for checkups, shots, and most of the time they are neutered and spayed before they are adopted out. If there are medical issues, add more cost to that vet bill. When a dog tests positive for heartworms, there’s a treatment for that and this facility takes on the cost, too. Yes, there’s a fee for the adoptions, but in no way does that provide the money that’s needed to take care of all the animals which come their way on a weekly basis. So that’s where donations for this facility and volunteers are needed. Did you buy a type of dog food your dog doesn’t like? Don’t throw it away, give it to the Rescue. Puppy pads you no longer need? Bowls? Beds? They will take anything. I go to Petsense for my dog’s food and there’s a donation bin just for Rainbow Animal Rescue. Why not drop something in the bin next time you are in there? I know you are an animal lover — that’s why you are in there to begin with, right? You can also look at cats available for adoption at the Rescue. Petsense usually has several cats in the back, which I take pictures of and post on my Facebook page. Like I said, any little way someone can help another animal, do it. Which brings me to the latest fundraiser the Rescue has — T-shirts.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Dollars for Dogs raises money for Rainbow Animal Rescue Tia Bedwell - The Daily Herald
May 15, 2016 - Students of Belmont Elementary School in Roanoke Rapids raise $444.04 for Rainbow Animal Rescue.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Local pet shop aims to help adoption agencies with grooming needs Bryan Clark - The Daily Herald
Apr 28, 2016 - Stacey Harrell, owner of S&L Pet Shop and Grooming, has offered her services to Rainbow Animal Rescue after talking with officials from the organization. Harrell noted she regularly donates to shelters, but wanted to support them in a more practical way since opening the grooming side of her business. Appearances often matter in pet adoptions. An animal who has matted fur and is unkempt will likely be passed over by a potential adopter. Dina Gray, event coordinator for Rainbow Animal Rescue, agreed with Harrell. “When they come in, they’re not pretty,” said Gray of the animals rescued. “They don’t look good, they smell. … This helps us present more of what Rainbow (Animal Rescue) is trying to do. Gray said in addition to general appearances, the shop also addresses any flea or tick issues they find with a pet.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

News of Rupert Khai Hoang - The Daily Herald
Apr 26, 2016 - In January 2015, The Daily Herald reported an abandoned hunting dog being found in bad condition in Halifax County, highlighting what officials said at the time was an “alarming trend.” Due to popular demand, the Herald chronicled the dog’s recovery and eventual adoption in April 2015. The following story reviews how the dog, now known as Rupert, has been doing in the last year. See the sidebar for past stories documenting Rupert's road to recovery and adoption.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

2 legs, big heart Erin Carson - The Daily Herald
Dec 31, 2015 - A special cat, born without hind legs, is waiting patiently for a new home after her previous owner had to place her with Rainbow Rescue. Peggy, an orange and white domestic cat, is 7, and very lovable, according to staff at Petsense who are caring for her while she awaits a new family. Jackie Stanley, a volunteer with Rainbow Rescue, said Peggy gets around just fine and they haven’t found any issues with her. Stanley said it can sometimes be difficult to get animals with special needs or disabilities adopted, but not always. “We’ve adopted out one-eyed dogs and three-legged dogs. If she doesn’t get adopted there, we’ll send her out to a special-needs rescue,” she said. “We’d prefer getting her in a home here, but we have rescues up north that deal with things like that. I won’t let her sit for too long at Petsense.”

Our View: A pet for Christmas? The Daily Herald
Dec 20, 2015 - Please think before you decide on a pet for a Christmas present. But if you decide to, consider adopting and not buying your pet. There are wonderful pets on page A4 of Sunday’s edition up for adoption every week from Rainbow Animal Rescue of North Carolina. These animals have already been checked out and volunteers with this organization have spent time with them and know their personalities and what pet could fit best in your family.

Abandoned hunting dogs showing up in northeastern N.C. Erin Carson - Daily Herald Staff Writer
Mar 30, 2015 - When Rainbow Rescue volunteers came across a particular hound recently, they knew they had an emergency on their hands. Rainbow Rescue volunteers drove Bones to a vet in Williamston to try to save his life, she said. There, he was plugged up to IVs, hydrated, checked for worms and given a checkup. His condition was critical, Mueller noted, but added he is expected to survive. Still, Rainbow Rescue officials said "Bones" epitomizes a growing problem in Halifax and surrounding counties: Some hunters abandon hounds that don't hunt well and leave them to starve when hunting season ends.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Populations uncontrolled: Caring for God’s creatures in hard times Todd Wetherington - Daily Herald Staff Writer
May 18, 2009 - One bright spot for the officers has been their continuing involvement with Rainbow Animal Rescue, a Roanoke Rapids based organization run by Bob and Nancy Seevers. The husband and wife team work with the shelters to adopt animals out to local residents in search of a pet. With the group’s help, the shelter was able to find homes for 481 dogs and 60 cats last year.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Homeless dogs, dismal chances Hand Dewald, Herald Staff Writer
Nov 14, 2008 - Ditto for the folks at Rainbow Rescue. They have taken in all the dogs they possibly can. All of these great people are just overwhelmed by humans that just don’t care enough to do what is right. They take in a puppy, never have it spayed or neutered and eventually dump it on the side of a desolate, lonely road once it becomes inconvenient to take care of it.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Help needed to rescue animals Evelyn Howell-Herald Staff Writer
Jul 28, 2008 - The Rainbow Rescue Animal Rescue, a non-profit local animal rescue organization that helps stray animals, is in need of volunteers to adopt a stray cat or dog or just baby-sit animals until someone adopts them.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Were local animal rescue efforts in vain? Luci Weldon
Mar 5, 2008 - Local animal rescuers are keeping a close eye on a case in Hertford County in which two People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) representatives are accused of dumping the bodies of dead animals in a shopping center garbage bin.
Click here to read the Warren Record article (PDF).

Abused Dog Recovers, Alleged Owner to Appear in Court Jennifer Heaslip-Herald Staff Writer
Jun 9, 2005 - "Sweetie" continues to recover from a wire that was twisted around her waist.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Local homeless pets take to the Internet Jennifer Heaslip-Herald Staff Writer
Nov 15, 2004 - ROANOKE RAPIDS - When Nancy Seevers first saw Ellen, a sweet young female dog, earlier this week, she was homeless with two puppies and little hope.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

New Animal Rescue Group Works to Place Homeless Pets Beth Rodriguez-Herald Staff Writer
Aug 29, 2003 - ROANOKE RAPIDS -- Lynn Roberson has a motto: Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die.
Click here to read the Daily Herald article.

Gemma (little black female mix with 3 legs) - a Success Story

NC, Roanoke Rapids: Little black female mix w/3 legs (poss. help w/trans). A while ago this title caught my attention when it was posted on the seniordogrescue list. Although we all see literally dozens of postings of dogs needing homes across the US and Canada every day, somehow this one jumped out at me. It was a kind of inner knowing. There were no pictures, no description as to what kind of dog or how old - just that she had three legs. Despite the fact that I already have a 10 year old female Boykin Spaniel (rescued) and 1 female adult cat plus 2 kittens (also all rescued) and I foster animals on an ongoing basis and I live in a fairly small apartment. I still contacted the person who posted the request stating that if they couldn't find anyone to adopt this little dog, I would take her. I never imagined that they would send her all the way from North Carolina to Toronto to find her forever home with us.

The two women who rescued this little dog from a kill shelter and fostered her for several months are miracle workers. They live in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of NC and travel daily to nearby kill shelters, landfill dumps and highways where dogs are literally dropped off to die. They rescue as many as they can at a time and then try to immediately find them homes. They took in little "three-legged Gin Gin" (aka Gemma) after seeing her at a kill shelter and tried unsuccessfully for several months to find her a home in the tri-state area. As well as the "disadvantage" of only having 3 legs, she was also a puppy mill mama, unspayed and not housebroken at the age of 6 or 7. They finally posted her plea on this e-group appealing to anyone no matter how far away.

When I offered to adopt Gemma, I had no idea that so many caring people would come forward to assist her transport from Roanoke Rapids NC all the way to Toronto, Canada, but they did. I want to thank Rebecca Wall (Gemma's Foster Mom) from Roanoke Rapids NC for caring for Gemma while she waited for a forever mom; Nancy Seevers (also Roanoke Rapids NC) for driving Gemma to Charlottesville VA where she left her in the capable hands of; Ursula overnight until; Sandy Fisher drove down from Harrisburg PA to take Gemma to her home for a week while she waited to connect to; Carol Robinson of Arkport, NY who drove to PA and picked up Gemma and drove her to her home for 2 nights waiting for me to drive from Toronto and meet her in Batavia, NY to collect Gemma.

Gemma is a little black Beagle mix about 15" high and 15 lbs heavy with huge brown soulful eyes, constant wagging tail and very loving nature. She has no "disability" I can see - she can run faster than my 4 legged Spaniel (and faster than me too). She learned to be housebroken and how to adapt to indoor living in only 3 days (!) after probably living in a cage her whole life and she has captured my heart and the hearts of all my animals - yes the cats too!!

So, my inner knowing somehow knew that Gemma would enrich our lives probably even more than we could ever enrich hers. Her gifts to us are priceless and continue to give. Thank you Gemma. You are finally home.

From the now deleted Animal Spirit website, Angus, Ontario, Canada.

E-Mail info2@rainbowrescue.org

Page updated: November 10th 2019
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